CEO’s welcome

From Dr J.R. Baker, Chief Executive Officer

At PCCS we help you live your best life, improving your health and wellbeing.

We design innovative health and wellbeing services that make a real difference. As the Australian leader in Social Prescribing, our programs are developed with the client, carers, family and friends at the centre, keeping with our vision of optimising health and wellbeing for local communities

Our approach is recovery-oriented, with a strong focus on community development and capacity building. It is effective for helping those living with long term injuries, chronic health conditions and serious mental illness to manage their lives because it gives them support to bring together all their health needs. Our service specialists are the linchpin – it is their extensive skills, local knowledge and relationships with healthcare and community organisations that ensure the success of our programs.

Through our social prescribing programs, many of our clients have found and enjoyed new interests, skills and talents or re-discovered past ones.

Social prescribing is not your ordinary prescription. But that’s exactly why we’re here: the way wellbeing is supported is changing and we look forward to making a real difference for people in our communities. Please give us a call if you, or someone you know, could benefit from any of our programs.