‘This is Us’ exhibition launches in Redfern (coming soon to Hornsby!)

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NSW Mental Health’s Deputy Commissioner, Daniel Angus, spoke at the launch of the THIS IS US exhibition recently in Redfern (see here for Hornsby dates) and was thrilled to learn more about our Plus Social® program and Well Together® groups which improve social wellbeing.

“The artists I spoke to each told me how this program allowed them to reconnect with their humanity and feel less isolated. They spoke so enthusiastically how this program felt so different to attending other programs or medical or injury focused appointments. The art program allowed people to focus on creativity, expression and connections. I’m always really interested to look at novel ways of supporting humans … To be able to go and do art and connect with other people is just magical.”

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The exhibition is NOW MOVING TO HORNSBY, see here for dates.

To find out more about our social groups, see Well Together.