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Coaching you through the tough times

Ready to make changes in your life?

If work, study, relationships, health or life in general has you feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious then NewAccess could help you make a positive change to get life to where you want it.

NewAccess is like a personal trainer for the mind. Like a personal trainer, your NewAccess coach gives you the skills and knowledge to improve your health and is there to motivate and support you along your journey to better wellbeing. 

The free coaching program was developed by Beyond Blue to provide accessible, quality services for anyone finding it hard to manage life stress. The program uses Low-intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy practices and aims to help people break the cycle of negative or unhelpful thoughts. It is delivered in Central and Eastern Sydney by PCCS (for providers in other locations, check out the Beyond Blue website).

The program is easy to access with small or no wait times and is delivered in person, by phone or video call. Call us on (02) 9477 8700 to arrange an appointment or submit an email form here. Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are no face-to-face appointments.

How does the program work?

NewAccess gives you your own personal coach to help you navigate whatever is preventing you from living your best life.

Your coach will help you recognise the way you think, act and feel and help you build and work through an individual plan towards recovery.

Your initial assessment will take up to 60 minutes and will involve:

  • Talking through your challenges and choosing one or two issues to focus on
  • Developing a problem statement which summarises the issues you want to overcome and how you plan to do this

If your needs are more complex, you will be referred to a more appropriate service.

During a further five 30-minute sessions with your coach you will:

  • Work on your program and through your problem statement
  • You will be given homework tasks to complete which are important for your growth as you move through the sessions.

Your progress is reviewed at every session to ensure you receive the appropriate level of care. If the program doesn’t work for you, you will be directed to a more appropriate service.

Who is NewAccess for?

The best part of NewAccess is that we can help almost anyone over 16 years of age.

You do not need a referral, or to see your GP first. You do not need a Mental Health Care Plan. You can simply call us yourself on (02) 9477 8700 to arrange an appointment or submit an email form here.

*You will not be able to use NewAccess if you are currently seeing a mental health professional, are not the right age, or do not live in an eligible postcode. For younger participants and residents of other locations, check out the Beyond Blue website for more options.

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