Is this the right program for my patient?

Do you have a patient who was injured at work and unable to return full time?

Do they need more than medical care and rehabilitation?

After four weeks of their injury, are they:
• Feeling isolated and withdrawn from their supports?
• Low in confidence, in themselves and their future?
• Disconnected from support services and their community?

The Plus Social for Injured Workers program may be the answer. It aims to improve an injured worker’s wellbeing and increases social supports for injured workers. Plus Social is an evidence-based social prescribing program.

Plus Social is currently accepting referrals in the Sydney, Central Coast, Woolongong and Newcastle areas.

Case study: Corey

Due to a work-related injury two years ago, Corey underwent shoulder reconstruction, hip replacement and hernia operations. Following Corey’s injury, his employer offered him light duties for 12 months. However, on completion of the 12 months, his employment was terminated on medical grounds due to being unable to return to his previous role as an arborist.

Corey felt frustrated, disappointed and lost as he had spent most of his working life in the tree industry. Corey knew he would need to re-invent himself and felt his biggest loss was the team camaraderie and support network of his work mates.

Read how Plus Social for Injured Workers helped Corey.

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Case study: Sophie

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Case study: Brad

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Plus Social for Injured Workers resources

Download our Plus Social collateral to inform a colleague or educate a patient on a service that could help them better manage their mental health.