6. I’ve completed my first year in the NDIS. Reaching my goals

Review of my NDIS plan

Your first NDIS plan will be reviewed after 12 months.

Prior to making your second NDIS plan, go back and re-read the ‘Developing my NDIS plan’ section in Section 4.

Your second plan will have a ‘Statement of Participant Supports’. You may want to use the resources the NDIA has developed to assist you in thinking about what you would like in your next plan.

These resources will help you think about your short, medium and long-term goals and what kind of supports you might need to help you achieve these. It’s an opportunity to re-evaluate your goals and aspirations, have they changed, are you getting the supports you need to reach them? These are questions you may want to ask yourself.

When your plan is being reviewed, it’s an opportunity to think about whether or not your service providers and the support they are providing are who and what you want. If you’re not sure, you or someone you know can look into who else in your area provides the type of supports that you have identified in your NDIS Plan.

Think about whether or not the current plan management arrangement is working well for you; are there any parts you would like to manage/not manage. If you’re not managing parts of your NDIS plan but would like to, you can include this in your plan and the supports you would need to be able to achieve this.

You will have had time to see how well you and your local area provider or support coordinator work together; you may have suggestions on how this could be improved and what you might need to be included in your plan to achieve this.

Alternatively, and for whatever reasons, you believe you could benefit from changing your local area coordinator or support coordinator, then this would be a good time to think about why and if applicable.

Your second NDIS plan may look quite different from your first plan.

You might have identified different supports or different support providers than those in your first NDIS plan. When developing your second plan you’ll have more opportunities to expand on your goals and aspirations and the supports you need to achieve these.

If family, friends, carers and/or other people who provide support to you agree, you may want to include opportunities for them to improve their ability to support you. And you can always ask people you trust such as family, friends and professionals to assist you in talking over and thinking about your second plan.

Your second plan will go for two years, but remember – if you find your plan isn’t working for you, go back to your Local Area Coordinator or your support coordinator and get the changes you need to make it work for you.

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