Wearable tech could help end loneliness

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A device to alert elderly people’s families if they’re lonely. Good idea, or not?

Loneliness is a big problem, particularly in the elderly community.

What needs more attention though is the solution once we know someone’s social interactions are too low. Social prescribing programs like ours can have an immense impact on those feeling isolated. Learn more about social prescribing.

The CaT Pin is designed to be worn as a brooch to monitor how much older people talk and can alert family or carers if they have been without any human contact.

“It is important, because you’ll see a 26 per cent increase in mortality if you’re chronically isolated,” Deputy Director of RMIT’s Health Innovation lab, Matiu Bush, said.

The wearable technology can be set-up to send alerts to family or carers at signs of social isolation.

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